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4 Colors Online

Welcome to 4 Colors Online Card game which is played with 108 cards which are consist of from 0 to 9 numeric numbers in four colors as yellow, blue, green and red.

You are going to start the game with seven cards and your only goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponent. You can place your card to the ground if the card in the ground is in similar color with the cards in your hand, otherwise you will need to draw one closed card from the ground. Except these cards, there are five more cards in the game as; Wild Draw, Wild, Draw Two, Skip, Reverse.

Draw two: The player who places this card to the ground, causes next player to draw to more cards and blocks his/her next level play right. You can only place this card if there is similar card in the ground like this.
Reverse: After this card is activated, the game continues on its reverse way. For instance, if the game is playing from left to right, it turns to right to left. You can only place this card if there is similar card in the ground like this.
Skip: This card can only be placed if there is one another skip card in the ground. This card blocks next player’s play.
Wild: The player who activates this card, defines the games card color. It can be played any of the card on the ground.
Wild Draw: You can define the game’s card color and besides of that next player of you draws four more card and loses next round playing right.

Have fun!

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